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Guessing online at a rate of 10,000 attempts per second it would take {{ results.crack_times_display.offline_slow_hashing_1e4_per_second }} to crack this password.
Offline Fast Hashing
Guessing offline at a rate of 10,000,000,000 attempts per second it would take {{ results.crack_times_display.offline_fast_hashing_1e10_per_second }} to crack this password.

About psswrd

psswrd is an online password strength estimation tool. psswrd uses the zxcvbn library from Dropbox to estimate the complexity of a given password. The aim of psswrd is to give people an insight into how strong or weak the password provided might be.

psswrd was inspired by the article zxcvbn: realistic password strength estimation and is a follow on to the blog post Your Pa$$w0rd1 is weak!.

Contact Information

psswrd was created by John Blackmore as a free to use informational tool. John is a software architect and PHP applications developer based in the UK. John is occasionally available on a freelance basis for consultancy and application development opportunities. For more information please contact John or follow him on Twitter.